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Our Sampans

Highly recommended by several well-regarded travel magazines worldwide, our Private Sampan overnight cruises make for a truly unique experience! Created to resemble the traditional fishing sampans, but sized to match the larger freight haulers, our Sampans are 22 meters x 4.5 meters wide. The overall height of our vessel allows us to enter the smaller more intimate tributaries in the Mekong Delta, while still providing great onboard comfort and amenities. Imagine the ability to go completely off-the-beaten-path, with our four-person crew and top guide, serving you day and night!


Our day cruisers, while operating only in the Ben Tre area, have also been designed with your comfort in mind. Open-sided for the breeze to flow freely, our day cruiser offers comfortable lounge chairs, sun beds for laying out and washroom onboard.


Safety is our primary concern, and all boats within our fleet have been inspected and licensed by the local boat authority. Our boat captains hold and maintain licenses to operate boats used for tourism. Because of the tropical climate in the Mekong Delta, our sampans require considerable maintenance, and this is scheduled throughout the year, mostly taking place during our low season.  

Rest assured that as the premier cruise operator in the Mekong Delta, you’re in good hands on all of our vessels

“…it really encapsulated the hidden treasures of the Mekong - beauty, people, food and an appreciation of lifeblood of the Mekong Delta itself. A truly unique and memorable experience....”Michelle(Sampan program guest)


We look forward to having you on one of our sampan cruises in the near future!

Please send us an inquiry via our Contact Us page. 

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