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New Boat Launch and Mango Home expansion

Mango Cruises’ New Boat Launch and Mango Home Riverside Expansion Announcement.

Firstly, we would like to thank you all for your great support to Mango Cruises Products. We have been in operation for almost 4 years in the Mekong Delta, specifically Ben Tre area.

With your co-operation that has brought Mango Cruises name to the world and we are proudly to be granted as the “Number One Boat Tour” In and Around Ho Chi Minh City, along with other great feed backs form many clients thus far.


Today, we are thrilled to announce the launching of our two new boats, The Mangostine and The Longan Cruisers, due to the demands of our valued high-end customers for Mango Cruises private day tours, we are happy to expand the investment for Mango Cruises.

Day cruise

The dimensions of these boats are 15m in length and 3m in width, each boat’s capacity is available for over 25 passengers and still provide spacious sitting area for our valued guests. Include a good size western washroom and the open back area for sun lovers.

These boat are totally made by our talented local ship builders in Nghia Huan village, they have been experienced in building thousands of boats for locals from many generations.

The materials are mostly made of wood and bamboo and the design is inherited from the traditional boat in Ben Tre for many decades .We have tried to remain the authentic appearance of our boats to match with the local riverine culture and scenery.

Secondly, we would like to make the announcement for Mango Home Riverside Expansion.


To improve the quality and service at Mango Home Riverside Boutique Resort, we proudly open a new Swimming Pool, The Sunset Lounge and Waterfront Restaurant in early November. 

The swimming pool has two sections, one for kids and the other for adults that will provide safety and comfort to different ages and interest. To be nestled in the lush garden of coconuts and bananas which provide a perfect tropical images and atmosphere for relaxation.

The Sunset Lounge and Waterfront Restaurant is situated by the River and looks over to the three junction water way that gives a fascinating view of the daily activities of the local Riverine Culture.

Mango Cruises and Mango Home Riverside Boutique Resort has supplied considerable number of jobs to the locals and we have tried our best to give back to our community and we are happy to carry on contributing into the local economy.

Once again, Thanks a lot for your continued support and Mango Cruises Team are always happy to serve you!

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