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Why Ben Tre?

Ben Tre province is routinely recognized as one of the most beautiful provinces within the Mekong Delta. At Mango Cruises, we are committed to showcasing the Ben Tre area on all of our touring options as it is non-touristic, and also provides the greatest feedback from our valued guests.

A short two-hour car transfer delivers you to the pristine natural beauty that is Ben Tre Province. Known as “Coconut Island,” many of its people still rely on tradition and centuries old methods of production. Our program focuses on the Giong Trom and Huu Dinh districts, areas untouched by commercial and mass tourism.

We showcase the amazing local people, their daily work, the villages they call home and the peaceful rivers they use as a part of their daily lives. We offer a non-commercial, unfabricated excursion into the Ben Tre area guided by our warm and friendly local team.   

Allow us the chance to have you as our guest for your experience into the Mekong Delta!  It’s our mission to respect our home, the local people and display them both in a responsible, non-touristic manner, avoiding the patronage, creation and expansion of large centers of mass tourism.

 “…Mango Home is a real retreat. We had two days, one night and wished we had longer to stay. We had a lovely personal guide to show us how the locals live; we floated on the river and had a cooking lesson. The market was a highlight. Individual villas studded through the gardens with the bathroom a unique delight - huge and very well appointed.”- Anne R.



Why should you choose Ben Tre as part of your trip planning in the Mekong Delta?


You should choose Ben Tre province because starting with its geographical location, it avoids the beaten track of mass tourism that is the highway connecting My Tho – Can Tho, and the river channel from Cai Be to Can Tho. While avoiding the touristy track, it is still only a couple of hours from central HCMC.

The Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho is the most noted and famous destination in the Mekong Delta, but it’s important to understand that Can Tho is the fourth largest city in Vietnam, and the floating market, while interesting, is a shadow of its earliest days.

A tour to the floating market should be part of your planning to the Mekong Delta, but certainly not the focal or only destination within it. Secondly, many are not aware that to see the floating market, you need to be on the river by 5:00 – 6:00 am. If starting from HCMC, you cannot see it in a single day, and a single night over (based on 4 hours of driving time in each direction) makes for a lot of travel!

Recently, the local authority went a step further into commercialization as it placed massive restaurants at the main pier in attempt to attract coffee and beverage sales prior to the boat trip from tour customers as a way to curb and redirect money away from the local coffee boat vendors on the river.

Hereunder are some reviews, which best underline the overall impressions of the floating market in Can Tho:


Reviewed 27 June 2017 via mobile

You can skip it..

This is the biggest floating market of Mekong Delta, but it's quite small. There are big boats selling veggies and a couple of "floating restaurants". nothing special, you can buy some fruit or a coffee from your boat, but that's it.

Reviewed 25 June 2017 via mobile


To be honest I'm not sure what I expected but it was slightly disappointing. Not the hubbub that I expected. Seemed more of a wholesale market


Reviewed 1 week ago via mobile

Disappointing market

I had big expectations of visiting the floating market and was disappointed. There were 30-something boats present with fruits and vegetables but we didn't see a lot of excitement.



So, while Ben Tre province does not boast of having a floating market, it has plenty of its own riverine culture. Its many tributaries see much activity, with local fishing sampans, coconut hauling barges and unique cargo vessels.


Come see beautiful Ben Tre province, you will not be disappointed! 



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