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Our Team

Our management team has many years’ experience in Vietnam’s tourism industry and has been offering tours to discerning international travellers for many years. We have now applied our inside knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to Mango Cruises. 

Tran Thuy Nhung

President / Co - Owner

Nhung was born in Ha Long Bay, but has roots throughout Vietnam.  Her mother is from Ha Long Bay, in the north of Vietnam and her father is from the Mekong Delta. 

In 1976, Nhung and family rode the reunification train (famous for connecting the North and South of Vietnam after 20 years of divide) to the south of Vietnam to settle in her father’s hometown, Ben Tre, in the Mekong delta.  The family faced many challenges in the post-war Mekong Delta. Her father settled into a modest career working in a fish factory that allowed the parents to give Nhung and siblings the opportunity at an education.

Nhung took full advantage of the opportunity and finished high school in Ben Tre in 1994.  Still motivated and committed to learning, she attended English classes that following year.  In 1995, her parents were able to save enough money to send her to University of Education in Saigon, from where she graduated in 1999.  

Nhung soon discovered that she had a passion for travel and domestic tourism and enrolled in the Saigon tourism college, where studied for the next 3 years.  Nhung enjoyed working as a tour guide for over 5 years serving as one of the preferred English-speaking tour guides in Saigon.  During this time she loved the travel and writing about her life experiences. She left tourism for a few short years but has eagerly returned to share her love for Vietnam with the world.

Nhung has realized that her beloved hometown of Ben tre has huge potiential as the up-and-coming tourist hot-spot in Vietnam.  She has decided to take advantage by introducing the world to Mango Cruises. Her vision is to celebrate the area’s rich culture and unique lifestyle to fascinate tourists from all over.  Her experience in the area, connections in tourism and amazing Mango Cruise programs will surely bring the best of the Mekong Delta to the world.

Outside of her time dedicated to growing Mango Cruises, she is a fun-loving mother who loves to travel, write, cook and spend time with her daughter and friends.



Jay Johnson

 Sales Manager / Co - Owner

As a discerning seasoned traveller, he has helped add subtle touches, towards making Mango Cruises guests feel comfortable and special. Jay takes great pride in handling direct inquiries for Mango Cruises, as he has great passion, knowledge and actual experience in the products and services we provide.



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